Darin Pirkey, $300k / Month PPL Earner Presents...
Advanced Facebook Ads Course for a one-time fee of $1497! 
From The Desk of Darin Pirkey:
I give you an in-depth look at Facebook Ads in PPL Empire. It’s everything you need to get started using Facebook Ads TODAY! But, after the “$300k per month from Facebook Ads” webinar, I got a lot of feedback asking for more advanced training. Brian finally twisted my arm and here’s what I’ve come up with.

For the PPLers who REALLY want to take their income to the next level, I’ve created an additional series of training videos that will give you an inside look into the very campaigns that I use to create hundreds of thousands of dollars online every month. In this advanced training course, I’ll cover advanced targeting tricks, remarketing strategies, advanced tracking and reporting and so much more.  

I’m going to be launching this course to the public in the next few days at $1,497. But since you just picked up PPLEmpire, and Brian literally told me to sell it or he’d unfriend me on Facebook; I’m going to give you guys 80% off and offer it up for $297!!
14 Day Money Back Guarantee
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